Feeling better
starts in your gut

Microbiome testing to supplement IBD care

The AlvusIBD test examines microbiome data that’s specific to people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and provides evidence-based information that may indicate changes in inflammation or disease status to help you and your healthcare provider monitor your disease.

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Gain more control over your health

Living with IBD can feel overwhelming

Once your gastroenterologist determines the best medical regimen to treat your symptoms, you are left to figure out a lot of things on your own. Issues such as what to eat, what not to eat or how to reduce your chance of flares can be continuing sources of confusion and distress.

How to avoid flares?
What to eat with IBD?

Luckily, the microbiome in your gut can help provide some answers

AlvusIBD is a test that compares your gut microbiome data to the microbiome of people with and without IBD. This evidence-based information — that your naturopath or integrative healthcare provider monitors over time — may show you early changes in your health status.

Track your IBD score over time

Healthy Patients
IBD Patients

The more information you have about your gut microbiome, the more you'll feel in control of your disease.

What you need to know
about AlvusIBD

AlvusIBD is a fecal microbiome test you can easily take in the privacy of your home to help you better understand your IBD.

3 Simple Steps

Obtain a test kit from your naturopath or integrative healthcare provider.

Provide a stool sample and send it to our laboratory by mail.

Your provider will review your test with you and make care recommendations based on your specific results.

How to take the test

  • Register your test kit online

    You will need to create a free account.

  • Administer your AlvusIBD test

    Instructions are enclosed in the test kit.

  • Send your kit back by mail

    The return label is attached to your kit.

  • Track your test status online

    Log in to your account to access.

  • Wait 3-4 weeks for stool sample processing

    Processed by our laboratory at Microbiome Insights Inc.

  • Get a notification when your results are available

    Your naturopath or integrative healthcare provider will review them with you.

  • Make an appointment with your naturopath or other integrative healthcare provider

    Together, you will review the results.

Haven’t yet been referred by a naturopathic physician or another integrative healthcare provider?

Ask your provider for more information on AlvusIBD and how it can help you better manage your IBD.